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After 15 years running an automotive inspection business and owning an car brokerage I have found that many appraisals and pre-purchase inspections are not giving the "full picture" of the vehicles being looked at. I take that to the next level, which I and other car experts expect when making any vehicle purchase that can't be seen in person. Offering engine oil analysis, full inspection report, a personalized video highlighting any specific vehicle details or damages, and a market appraisal report. Now more than ever many people are turning to EAA when car shopping to remove the stress and time of going car shopping and exposing themselves or their families to potential risks. Why waste your valuable time in a dealership when the vehicle may not even be what you are expecting? We also inspect and appraise motorcycles. Let an expert check it out first! 

I am also a certified Automotive Appraiser and can help with ANY vehicle appraisal evaluations for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Corporations and Private Individuals. Call for details and pricing!






"With all of the experience and resources at Expert Auto Appraisals, their reports are better than being able to see a car or motorcycle in person. Having a non-partial full view and not being distracted by the shiny paint and slick talking salespeople is invaluable. On top of that the included professional oil analysis and market report have saved me tens of thousands of dollars on the three vehicles I've had looked at by EAA" - Follow up review from Jeff H. Santa Fe, NM 2019

"I made almost $12k more at auction for my Aston after having the inspection and oil analysis done by EAA. Bidders are more willing to pay for a vehicle that has a full report and oil profile. The inspector even sent a full HD video, which would have probably brought even more bids in if I was able to post it to the vehicle auction listing." - Collector from CO 2018

"A pre-purchase inspection is highly recommended when purchasing a vehicle without a warranty, or when the vehicle is located in another city. When there is no warranty, the buyer is immediately assuming all the risk in the event of a breakdown or major mechanical issue. For this reason, a qualified PPI makes financial sense. Vehicles in other cities present additional challenges when the purchaser is unable to take a test drive." - Jeff Youngs from JD Power

"Expert Auto Appraisals saved me from buying a junk car, and saved me a ton of money" - Jen L. 



I will also have a travel schedule to other areas of the US soon. Please let me know if you have interest in ordering a report and you are outside of our normal area.

You can also have transmission fluid and/or other fluids analyzed. Please contact us for rates.


Let my expertise work for you and save/make you money!





Member of the Bureau or Certified Auto Appraisers.

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